And the winner is…! The winner of 2014.2’s Bimbling Foodies choices.

Drum roll please, a really big one. The winner is revealed! Oh, didn’t you know? We pitted restaurants against each other, in a battle to the death of wages. And chose a winner. But in fairness, the restaurants didn’t know either, so it’s probably better that you have plausible deniability! Continue reading


Disappointment covered in squirty cream. Bimbling foodies, the first failure.

I’m a little saddened as I write this. Not major Robin-Williams-is-dead sad, just I-wanted-that-cake-and-that-fat-woman-who-doesn’t-need-any-more-cake-took-it sad. We had a mildly unsuccessful meal, and I feel a little like it was my fault. Continue reading

Fabulous food, brilliant company. Tilf and The Bimbling Foodies find amazing food.

So, it’s become a thing that I and a few friends go and have a meal once a month on Monday nights. It’s brilliant; I eat actual food, I see actual human beings without wanting to punch them.
I work in retail, it’s a common thing. Continue reading