Have you got your ticket to hell booked yet?

Racism is wrong. I just need to get that out there, before anyone gets confused.
Hating someone because of the colour of their skin or their religion is wrong. Unless their religion says you should torture animals or be a rapist. Then the religion is wrong.
But no religion says that.
But destroying history is wrong too. Continue reading


Romance and history. The Titanic exhibition.

I know that Hollywood must sex things up to sell movies, but they barely had to touch one of the greatest, most enduring stories in history.
The Titanic. Continue reading

The Black Museum. Crimes against posterity.

I took a day off work (being around deceased people) to see the crime museum, formally the black museum, to see things that made people deceased. It was odd, and a little disappointing. Continue reading

Music, souls and history.

I love classical music. I adore the rise and fall, the emotional range that spears its way through my ears to my soul. The very essence of music is something I love, I don’t know how people don’t like music. They scare me as much as people who don’t like animals. Continue reading

Tattoos and tears. Tilf bears witness to modern body art and familial reactions.

I’m happy to say that I have had another tattoo done, this time a cover up, so I can legally rag on people with bad tattoos. Unfortunately, my family don’t feel this way, despite the fact I’m 28, and, I like to think, actually an alright kid. But apparently not. I’m actually evil. Continue reading