Finally published! Dun an Doras exists outside my head now!

Hooray! I’m finally published.
My work is a real book, a real existing thing.
Sorry for the excitement, but I find that kind of cool. Continue reading


Cliches, friends, facebook and fun. Tilf and Trick play a game.

You know how people get annoyed with cliches, but probably use them anyway? I love cliches, I think they’re great. What would we do without them? Continue reading

“The peoples poet is dead.” The untimely death of Rik Mayall.

When I was about 10, I watched a TV show that made me laugh so much, I actually cried. The Young Ones then later Bottom and eventually The New Statesman moulded my humour today. And this week, I cried at the same person, but because he’s died. Continue reading