Stupid people, stupid labels. Mr Trick enjoys Schadenfreude.

The world is built of many types of people. Loads of people. We need most of them. Emphasis on most. What we really need now is common sense. Something so rare it’s become a bloody superpower. Continue reading


Book of Stupid Questions. Mr Trick examines the public.

In my work, I feel deep rage. Not at my job, you understand, but my customers and their level of unbridled, oxygen wasting stupidity. One of my favourite sayings is that my job would be perfect without the customers. But there’s the problem, most of them are ok, some of them are lovely. But some, some of them make me wish I had Ebola, just so I could infect them and do the world a favour. Continue reading

All Tilf, no Mr Trick: stupidity Vs ignorance, wisdom Vs intelligence.

Ignorance vs stupidity, wisdom vs intelligence

We all know that there is a difference between wisdom and intelligence, such as knowing a tomato is actually a fruit is intelligence, but not putting it in a fruit salad is wisdom. But we also know, often to our shock at their examples, that the difference between ignorance and stupidity is often a yawning gap, a gaping maw that some times threatens to swallow us all. Continue reading