Let me sit on your face at Christmas! Tilf has a rant at a new stupid ruling.

Of all the things I look forward to in a year, Summer and Hogswatch, or Christmas, pretty much take the biscuit. But holidays of any kind are always fun. And you really don’t realise how much you appreciate them until you have to spend all your time around people. Continue reading


Heart-break, hope and fear. Mr Trick steals the blog.

So, she’s off fixing the kittens bippy mouse, ah, uh, a little squeaky mouse that makes a bip noise. Anyway, she’s fixing that, so I’m stealing the blog for a moment. It’s odd, isn’t it? How it’s easier to tell a million randoms something, than it is to tell one? Continue reading

Tilf is going outside, she may be some time. Mr Trick holds down the fort and speaks a truth.

Tilf is taking a holiday, so I will be taking over for a little while. Not ages, don’t panic, just long enough.

She’s hurting and not in a state to do this, but she’s also angry, and you know what? I am too. I’m furious. Continue reading

Fake friends, frenemies and tossers. Mr Trick has a weeny rant about twats.

Over the last 28 years, I have met a lot of people. I’ve met good people, bad people, saints and tossers. The good ones have helped make me who I am, and unfortunately, so have the others. Over the last few years, I have discovered a universal truth, not only are most people twats, you will be hurt by those who ‘care about you’. I hate you all. Continue reading