Have you got your ticket to hell booked yet?

Racism is wrong. I just need to get that out there, before anyone gets confused.
Hating someone because of the colour of their skin or their religion is wrong. Unless their religion says you should torture animals or be a rapist. Then the religion is wrong.
But no religion says that.
But destroying history is wrong too. Continue reading


Finally published! Dun an Doras exists outside my head now!

Hooray! I’m finally published.
My work is a real book, a real existing thing.
Sorry for the excitement, but I find that kind of cool. Continue reading

The car park. A short modern horror story.

I am, by wishful trade, a writer. But until I’m discovered as the greatest writer since Samuel Pepys and Terry Pratchett, I will post my work here, to you lovely and fabulous people!
I present a short fictional story for your eyes. Continue reading

Crime scenes, murder, the perfect crime and other annoyances.

I get angry a little easily. Well, not that easily, sometimes I can take nonsense for ages, literally weeks, before I explode in rightful rage. Other times it just kind of explodes with little or no warning. But normally, it’s the former. I take rubbish and annoyance, abuse and crap and I just let it fester quietly until it becomes an unhealthy mental illness. Continue reading

Which came first? Violence in media/life. Tilf and Trick examine social weirdness.

I’ve had the age old debate again. Not nature/nurture. Not God/no God. But the other one: Violence in media and violence in life. Continue reading

Murder, hate, Elliot Rodger and misogyny. Mr Trick examines a spiteful prick, and questions social sanity.

So it’s been decided that the internet is evil and must be punished.
Funny, I think that about my liver.

Recently, yet another self-entitled, arrogant prick has gone on a killing spree because he didn’t get his own way. Shame, poor little baby. If I went on a killing spree everytime I was refused something I wanted, there’d be no one left alive to report it. Continue reading