An alphabet of controversy. It’s a little long, but worth it!

There’s some things we just don’t talk about. But one of the main beliefs of this blog is doing just that. I like pushing these things in your face. I want you to at least think about them, or better yet, talk about them.
So let’s talk. Continue reading


Anime. For fun, profit and entertainment.

Simple education time. Now pay attention, Japan *points at the map* has changed a lot over the years, and also not at all. It is a vibrant, busy yet calm place, with interesting ideas. One of them is Anime. Continue reading

Let me sit on your face at Christmas! Tilf has a rant at a new stupid ruling.

Of all the things I look forward to in a year, Summer and Hogswatch, or Christmas, pretty much take the biscuit. But holidays of any kind are always fun. And you really don’t realise how much you appreciate them until you have to spend all your time around people. Continue reading