Why I got sent home. Dead people shouldn’t be walking around.

My walk home has been punctuated, every step, by the words ‘practical’ and ‘rational’. While staring at the floor to avoid seeing dead people. Continue reading


Service dogs and their work. Neither of us can take credit for their work!

A few years ago, everything went a little Pete Tong, (wrong to my non-90’s readers!) and I was so grateful to one of my oldest friends when he let me crash at his and his wife’s house for a week. So I hopped on a plane and buggered off to New York for a week! Continue reading

The mental health post, guaranteed to sit your bum down and think. Tilf and Mr Trick examine mental health care in the UK

So, I suddenly realised that I know a lot of crazy people, and I don’t mean “oh, she’s crazy” I mean “we the jury, find the defendant.” With this in mind, I have decided to do a post that people will probably get angry with.

The state of mental health care. Continue reading