Periods, cats and Netflix.

There are many secrets women keep from men, mainly for their own protection. That is basically because men don’t want to know how we get the patch at the back of our knees shaved. Now I think about it, if men knew what kind of positions we got into to shave ourselves, they’d demand kinkier sex. Continue reading


Plenty of fish, or plenty of fuck ups? Tilf joined internet dating, also first picture.

You know those ideas that seem great? The ones at night that you can’t quite shake and you decide to follow through with them? Yeah, I made one of those decisions. Vodka has a lot to answer for. Continue reading

Jason Mamoa, Manu Bennett, Tom Hiddleston and other reasons to invest in good vibrators! Tilf is not shy.

Because I’ve been single for almost two years, and it’s steadily creeping towards summer, my body clock is ticking. Loudly. Not for babies. But for…male inspired fun. Continue reading

Let me sit on your face at Christmas! Tilf has a rant at a new stupid ruling.

Of all the things I look forward to in a year, Summer and Hogswatch, or Christmas, pretty much take the biscuit. But holidays of any kind are always fun. And you really don’t realise how much you appreciate them until you have to spend all your time around people. Continue reading

Murder, hate, Elliot Rodger and misogyny. Mr Trick examines a spiteful prick, and questions social sanity.

So it’s been decided that the internet is evil and must be punished.
Funny, I think that about my liver.

Recently, yet another self-entitled, arrogant prick has gone on a killing spree because he didn’t get his own way. Shame, poor little baby. If I went on a killing spree everytime I was refused something I wanted, there’d be no one left alive to report it. Continue reading