Why I got sent home. Dead people shouldn’t be walking around.

My walk home has been punctuated, every step, by the words ‘practical’ and ‘rational’. While staring at the floor to avoid seeing dead people. Continue reading


Gall stones suck. A lot.

In the past week or so I have been learning about gall stones. The hard way.
But they may also explain my sudden inability to eat cheese. Continue reading

Anger has it’s moments. Kind of.

I have had previous issues with anger.
I have beaten my anger down, fighting it tooth and nail until I became the victor. It cost me a lot.
But today, I am angry.
Todays anger is brought to you by a variety of things. Mainly, idiots. Continue reading

Cliches, friends, facebook and fun. Tilf and Trick play a game.

You know how people get annoyed with cliches, but probably use them anyway? I love cliches, I think they’re great. What would we do without them? Continue reading

Moving house with Tilf and Trick. Part 1 of the “What was i thinking?” diary-blog-thing! We shall spread the horror of moving.

So far we’ve packed over a dozen boxes, and we haven’t made a dent in what needs doing.
With that in mind, I present to you all, those currently spared the fate of trying to move house, and those experiencing a very similar hell, the ways of the move.

This will get messy. Continue reading