Che, lies, food and forks. Mr Trick helps those who help themselves.

They say that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes a truth. They also say that if that lie is said loud enough, it can become a truth. Continue reading


Twelve years have passed. Tilf and Trick reflect on humanities worst moments.

So time has done it’s usual thing and passed, rather swiftly and leaving everyone wondering what happened.

So mainly for today, I would like to acknowledge that 12 years have passed. 12 years of unanswered questions and broken hearts. Continue reading

Secrets and lies. Tilf examines bad form.

I am going to spread an important secret. It seems that this secret, despite being handed down from generation to generation, has not been taught properly, as no-one seems to know it.

I will tell you all that very important secret now. Continue reading