Politicians and other reasons to hate life.

Anyone who has been alive for more than 15 years will have learned a vital truth: Politicians lie. A lot.
And for some reason, the same ones keep their jobs, constantly. Why?
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Turning on the fans. Not the spinning ones. What’re your thoughts?

It occurred to me that I’m been doing this a while now, proudly upholding a title bestowed on me by a reader; Wordsmith. Continue reading

An alphabet of controversy. It’s a little long, but worth it!

There’s some things we just don’t talk about. But one of the main beliefs of this blog is doing just that. I like pushing these things in your face. I want you to at least think about them, or better yet, talk about them.
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Tilf for Prime Minister. Maybe President. Fairly self explanatory.

I recently enjoyed a day off, it was marvellous. But it was a little marred by my horribly high standards of child control. As such, I have decided I need to run the country.
I now present part one, of a few, of my manifesto for my view of a better UK. Continue reading