Che, lies, food and forks. Mr Trick helps those who help themselves.

They say that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes a truth. They also say that if that lie is said loud enough, it can become a truth. Continue reading


Dollies, doilies and mental stitching. Tilf examines a way of repairing burst seams and lost stuffing.

We’re going to discuss dollys. Or perhaps dollies. But not doilies, those things are weird.

Dollies are a fantastic example of everything that people forget to remember. Continue reading

Bob, Che, Uri and god.Tilf tries to understand communism and spoon bending beliefs.

How often do you look at things and try to see them from a completely different angle?

You should, it’s hours of fun. Sometimes!

Here’s an example, the English language. May I present to you Ghoti.
Pronounced Goat-ee. It’s fish. Not a fish. Actually fish. Because of the way our language works. Continue reading

Baths, fireworks and books. Tilf and Trick have a scientific bath.

I have officially reached crazy cat lady status. I just asked Boo “who’s a good girl?” when she replied “Meeeeeeeeee-rrow” not only did I see it as a reply, I got so excited I decided to post an update about it.

I am a tragedy. Le sigh. Continue reading