Che, lies, food and forks. Mr Trick helps those who help themselves.

They say that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes a truth. They also say that if that lie is said loud enough, it can become a truth. Continue reading


Bob, Che, Uri and god.Tilf tries to understand communism and spoon bending beliefs.

How often do you look at things and try to see them from a completely different angle?

You should, it’s hours of fun. Sometimes!

Here’s an example, the English language. May I present to you Ghoti.
Pronounced Goat-ee. It’s fish. Not a fish. Actually fish. Because of the way our language works. Continue reading

Baths, fireworks and books. Tilf and Trick have a scientific bath.

I have officially reached crazy cat lady status. I just asked Boo “who’s a good girl?” when she replied “Meeeeeeeeee-rrow” not only did I see it as a reply, I got so excited I decided to post an update about it.

I am a tragedy. Le sigh. Continue reading