Crime scenes, murder, the perfect crime and other annoyances.

I get angry a little easily. Well, not that easily, sometimes I can take nonsense for ages, literally weeks, before I explode in rightful rage. Other times it just kind of explodes with little or no warning. But normally, it’s the former. I take rubbish and annoyance, abuse and crap and I just let it fester quietly until it becomes an unhealthy mental illness. Continue reading


Bad drivers, worse manners and bloody cyclists. Tilf and Trick run over a few bad habits.

I’m going to share some secrets, really dark secrets. Very few people know these secrets, and I shall share them with you, gentle reader.
The secrets of driving. Continue reading

Disappointment covered in squirty cream. Bimbling foodies, the first failure.

I’m a little saddened as I write this. Not major Robin-Williams-is-dead sad, just I-wanted-that-cake-and-that-fat-woman-who-doesn’t-need-any-more-cake-took-it sad. We had a mildly unsuccessful meal, and I feel a little like it was my fault. Continue reading